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7 Best Kerala Resorts You Must Visit | Kerala Resorts

Without a doubt, Kerala is one of the best ranges of accommodation in India ranging from homestays to budget hotels and luxury resorts. The state is rich in tradition and culture and tropical beauty. Kerala is known for festivals, backwaters, nature beauty etc. making Kerala the perfect tourist destinations in south India.

The list below presents few of the best rated luxury resorts in Kerala. Where you can enjoy Luxury holidays in Kerala. Thekkady and Munnar are popular for luxury resorts. Many of the 5 star resorts are clustered in Thekkady.

1. Marari beach resort
2. TandU Leisure Hotel Munnar
3. Kofiland Resort Thekkady
4. Poovar island Resort
5. Leela resort Kovalam
6. Vedic village resort Thekkady
7. Ramada Resorts Kochi

1. Marari Beach Resort

Marari beach is one of the quiet and pristine beaches in Kerala where you can relax and Marari Beach Resort is a place where you can unwind completely, without the trying bit like watching TV to relax as it is not there in your room. The ambience, property, and the service by passionate staff is at highest and best standards in hospitality in Kerala which is testified by various awards won by Marari Beach Resort. One of the rarest resorts to have a butterfly garden and a stay in Marari Beach Resort is not merely an antidote to stress but it is a way to set yourself free and enjoy the relaxation.

2. TandU Leisure Hotel Munnar

Munnar was the summer capital of the British administration in South India where you can enjoy with family.

Tandu Hotels in Munnar, Kerala offers 5 star facilities and is located just one kilometer from the munnar town. Some popular tourist spots like flower garden, Madupetty dam/Lake, Echo point, kundale dam and top station. Munnar was once the summer capital of the british administrataion in south india. Due to the cool climate they named munnar " Little England'. The vast area of the this resort itself attract a lot of tourists from all over the world. TandU leisure hotel is a destination for luxury vacation on budget and it emphasises the essence of the place. Some guests repeatedly choose this resort for their tour pland and vacation stay. Tandu offers 30 spacious and luxury rooms and suites with Tea garden/Valley view, with the old world charm of the hotel while having the contemporary comforts and facilities.

3.Kofiland Resort Thekkady

Kofiland  Kerala Resorts a nature retreat located at the heart of thekkady, situated beside the NH183 in an area that has been exclusively zoned for plantations and nature reserves ensuring that the surroundings remain pristine.

Majestic Silver Oak trees higher up the hill slope look down at a cluster of cottages on stilts arrayed along one bank of the rivulet beside a stone paved path winding uphill, lined on both ends with pepper vines and young beech trees. In front of the lobby, across the driveway is an amphitheatre with the lake as a backdrop. Walk past the lobby to the resort's multi cuisine restaurant and further on to a large pool. Beside the cluster of cottages is a building that houses a library and indoor games area

4. Poovar Island Resort

What makes Poovar Island resort unique is it location in an Estuary where there is a chance to stay at the meeting point of backwaters , lake , river and sea may be only one of the few places in the world where all these water bodies come together. Poovar Island resort is also unique because of the floating cottages right on the Poovar river where you will be literally staying on the top of a cottage above the water body with a view of backwaters and Poovar beach where you can view the fishermen boats. The resort also has an ayurvedic spa ad boating facilities for the guests including a transfer for the guests who are reaching the resort in a motor boat.

5.Leela Resort Kovalam

The Leela resort built on a clifftop, is cradled between wide sweeping beaches and has a panoramic view of the famous Kovalam coastline and specializes in traditional Ayurvedic treatments of kerala as well. The Leela Kovalam is Kerala’s largest beach side resort is cradled between two sweeping beaches and the magic of Leela Kovalam with its sweeping view of Arabian Sea. Perched in a rock face, this 5 star deluxe resort offers the most panoramic view of the famed Kovalam shoreline.

6. Vedic Village Resort Thekkady

Vedic Village Resort is located in Kodungalloor and is one of the resorts known for its scenic beauty, excellent service and a nice, calm and quite place to stay with great food and service. The resort is located next to a large river in beautiful surroundings and traditional Kerala cottages adorn the whole property. The cottages are aptly titled as Kovilakom which is heritage-styled furniture and furnishings, wooden pillars and large windows that provide fascinating views of pristine nature and Emperor’s Nest which is the most luxuriously done up cottage in the resort that is apt for honeymoon couples.

7. Ramada Resorts Kochi

Ramada Resort is a luxury retreat set within 8 sprawling acres, beside the picturesque lakes of Kumbalam, in the outskirts of Cochin. Nestled in a picture-perfect locale, amidst an ambience of absolute serenity, Ramada Resort is a haven of leisure for the city-weary soul and combines the best of both worlds. The ambience of a resort. The amenities of a deluxe hotel. In addition to lake-facing cottages and deluxe rooms, the resort houses three top-notch banqueting facilities of varying capacities, two specialty restaurants, a lounge bar, a library bar and a sunken pool bar. A massive 105 metre long swimming pool, Kerala’s biggest spa by a well-equipped health club and Ayurveda centre are facilities that make Ramada Resort the most sensible choice for a relaxing stay while in Cochin.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Top 10 Luxury Kerala Resorts| Resorts in Kerala

Kerala is the one of the popular tourist destinations in Asia. Known as one of the 'ten paradises of the world'. The true heaven for nature lovers. A unique culture, traditions, delicious local cuisines, Ayurveda treatments, lush greenery, several tourist destinations, climates etc. attracts the tourist to visit Kerala again and again
In Kerala there are several hotels to suit every budget. Here is the list of top 10 luxury Kerala resorts you must visit. 

Vythiri village resort

Vythiri resort in Wayanad is a cascade of beauty being sphered in all season. Deluxe rooms, cottage rooms, pool villas are the attractions here which open their doors to a pleasant nature every time.

  Kofiland Resorts

The Kofiland Thekkady Kerala resorts, is a unique experience in God's own country. In hundred acres it is a sublime journey into the lap of Mother Nature.


  T and U Leisure Hotel

T and U is a leisure hotels in munnar town set on a mountain slope, perched above a picturesque valley and offering an exquisite set of suites and rooms, a multi cuisine restaurant with breathtaking views and all the scenic sights in Munnar nearby.

 Carmelia Haven

An eco-friendly resort stylishly sprawling across a vast area edged by the tea and cardamom plantations where the fresh aroma of the pure spices always floating.

    Oxyfarm Resorts

Toned by green, the Oxyfarm Resort that spread across the Periya forest range in the district of Wayanad, Kerala reveals a set of unusual features of nature during one's stay here.

    Blue Ginger Spa Resorts

Blue Ginger Spa Resorts in Wayanad, Kerala opens up a different set of experiences in front of you with Kerala's peculiar nature and serenity. Tranquil room, Chembra room and Ginger suite room are the luxurious and spacious rooms available with all amenities.

 Windflower Resort and Spa

Get away from the rush and hurry of your life, choose a stay at Windflower resort in Wayanad and indulge in to array some exotic memories in your travelogue. Sink in the beauty and scenery exhibited by misty Wayanad.

    Banasura Hill Resorts

Nature and Eco resort in Wayanad and swirl in a nourishing natural extravaganza. Banasura Hill Resort in Wayanad is very close to nature.

    Marari Beach Resort

Located in the fishing town of Mararikulam, Marari Beach Resort lies near the Malabar Coast. Marari resort has an access to the sea and wonderful surroundings. The ambiance of the resort is rustic, tranquil and charming.

     Lalit Resort & Spa

Offering ultimate royal treatment, unparalleled luxury, impeccable hospitality and contemporary comforts, The Lalit Resort & Spa in Bekal is a luxury resort that is spread on an area of 26 acres of a beach stretch in northern part of the state.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Kofiland Thekkady Hotels & Resorts

Thekkady Hotels & Resorts 

Welcome to kofiland resorts Thekkady. A unique 5 star resorts and multi cuisine restaurant in Thekkady, Kerala. Located near to evergreen forest of periyar national park which is one of the major tourist attractions in Thekkady. Kofiland welcomes you to the most suitable luxury accommodation and resort stay in Thekkady

Kerala Luxury Resorts

Luxury resorts in Kerala

Traditional Kerala Ayurvedic Resorts

 Kerala Resorts, Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala, Thekkady Multi cuisine restaurant   

Multi cuisine restaurant  

The elegant multi cuisine restaurant in Thekkady set between lobby and pool serving an eclectic range of dishes 

Multi cuisine restaurant in thekkady,  Ayurvedic spa resorts        

Swimming Pool Inside Resort

At kofiland you can enjoy multi cuisine restaurant in thekkady, family resorts in kerala,resort dining in thekkady

Multi cuisine restaurant  

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Importance of Ayurveda in Modern Lifestyle

Ayurveda, meaning 'science related to life' is a system of primitive and unconventional medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. One of the ancient treatment practice originated around3000 years ago in India.

Ayurvedic Treatment in Munnar

Actually, what is Ayurveda treatment?

Ayurveda is based on believing that fine balance between mind, body, spirit will have high impact on human health and wellness, its desire to fight against poor health not with diseases. Studies proved that if your body, mind and spirit are pleasant in all time, you are a healthy person.

Why Ayurveda is Important?

Most of the Indians are not interested to take Ayurveda treatment. Especially people belong to a new generation. In Europe countries Ayurveda is considered as the alternative medicine for many severe diseases. People from foreign countries came to Kerala, India to explore the secrets of Ayurveda medicines

Why should you go for Ayurveda treatment?

  • Ayurvedic medicines are goal to balance the body, mind and spirit. And this balance will lead to healthy life.
  • It will promote health, resist diseases and improves the wellness.
  • It gives equal priority to mental health
  • No other side effects  

Relevance of Ayurveda in modern life

In spite of well-developed technologies and facilities in the modern world, life became more competitive and stressful. Family relations are breaking up because of work stress and circumstances. Several diseases are begun at early ages due to this. In ancient times people preferred Ayurveda for their daily lives.

According to Ayurveda one should sleep 7-8 hours daily, and develop the habit of drinking water in the early morning which will help to blush out toxins. Personal hygiene is equally important.

Ayurvedic Resorts in Kerala

spa resorts in Thekkady
Experience the heal naturally 

Ayurveda employs wide variety of treatments derived from the nature for many diseases.  At koflinad and the T&U leisure hotel you will get all Ayurvedic treatments at your comfort. Well qualified physicians of our Kerala Ayurvedic resorts provides the best Ayurvedic spa in Thekkady and Ayurvedic treatment in Munnar. We offer a range of cures and treatments from a relaxing oil massage to extreme levels of treatments including yoga and meditation.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Spotted lanternfly

Lantern fly, Lycorma delicatula is an exotic pet native to china, India, and Vietnam. It is actually not a fly, a planthopper also known as spotted lanternfly. Spotted lanternfly attacks the variety of host crops including grapes, pines, stone fruits etc. Almost 70 species hosts including apples, birch, cherry, grapes, Korean evodia etc. are attacked by this bugs.

Thekkady Hotels

Adult lantern bugs seen in 1 inch long and half inch wide and they have a black head and grayish wings. A strong jumper, it jumps more than flies leap from location to location.  It observed as a poisonous insect in Chinese and it used as traditional medicine to get relief from swelling.    

Many people are unaware of protecting insects are essential to our world and existence of many wildlife.

Observations show that lantern pest species are on the edge of extinction. Even though it causes threats to several crops, we have to protect them to balance our ecosystem and wildlife.

Lantern bug species are rarely seen in Western Ghats of India.

Kofiland the exotic Kerala resorts welcomes you to Thekkady ideal for insects and birds watching. The marvelous resort is located in the heart of Thekkady surrounded by the valley, coffee trees and pepper vines with serene lakes, majestic silver oak trees, wonderful hill stations etc. 

Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala

Kofiland resort is the first birdwatching Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala ideal home of rarely spotted lanternfly.